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Recovery tips for patients who have undergone adult circumcision

Circumcision in males is carried out for many reasons. Some of the benefits of circumcision include reducing the risk of contracting HIV, dealing with medical conditions such as tight foreskin, and preventing cancer of the penis. In most cases, circumcision is carried out in males when they're quite young (often within a few weeks after childbirth). This makes the rec

Three Practical Guidelines for Preventing Sports Injuries

Sporting accidents are not uncommon, and they can cause major and minor injuries. If you sustain injuries during athletic activities or sports, you might experience significant inconvenience and financial losses. In simple terms, you might not be able to perform your regular operations comfortably. Your professional and personal tasks might be affected. You might also

Safety Net: How Your Physiotherapist Can Help Treat 3 Common Netball Injuries

Few team sports are as fast-paced, exhilirating and physically demanding as netball, and with all the sudden sprints, high jumps and rapid changes in direction involved in the average game, it's no wonder that avid netball players can fall victim to a wide variety of injuries. Treating these injuries properly as and when they occur is vital to both your long-term heal

What you need to know about carotid artery disease

While most people have heard of strokes, many don't know the importance of your carotid artery in causing a stroke.  It's important for everyone to understand the signs of carotid artery disease and how to reduce the risk of it leading to a stroke. What are your carotid arteries? Your carotid arteries are blood vessels in your neck that carry blood up to your bra

First trimester prenatal screening

Thanks to recent developments, obstetricians are able to offer several options to expectant parents wanting to get information about their baby's health as early as the first trimester.  These screening tests can tell the likelihood of a baby having certain genetic conditions such as Down Syndrome or whether the baby is a boy or a girl. Your obstetrician wil

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