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Reasons to Opt for a Bulk Billing Medical Centre

Your health is important, and that's why you should take great care of it. But, most people today suffer from illnesses caused by bad lifestyle, accidents among other reasons.  The situation gets stressful when money is required for treatment. Luckily, you can get relief from hospital expenses and bills when you get a medical certificate membership.

A medical certificate membership facilitates bulk-billing; a process where a doctor allows medical benefits as payment for the services offered. When you visit a bulk billing medical centre, the doctor will allow you to do bulk billing whereby you don't pay anything since the medical benefits take full accountability for the expenses.

What's bulk-billing?

This is a payment alternative in Australia under the Medicare scheme where a doctor invoices Medicare directly for allied or medical health service provided. Medicare uses the commonwealth universal health insurance system that covers a prescribed range of services outlined in the Medicare's benefits schedule.

To qualify for bulk billing, you need to enrol in Medicare and get a Medicare card. You will be eligible to claim the Medicare benefits in various ways such as:

  • At the Department of Human Services Centre
  • At the family doctors office
  • Via Medicare Online Services

Since most health professionals tend to bulk-bill pensioners, including health care holders, search for a doctor who will accept Medicare cards. This will help you receive all the benefits. Health care expenses covered include:

  • Examination and tests the doctor ordered
  • Doctor's or a specialist's consultation fee
  • Eye tests
  • Most surgical procedures

Advantages of bulk billing

Bulk billing saves you money. The strong bulk billing rates that have been used since the inception of Medicare have helped patients visit their doctors without making emergency payments. The key aim of bulk billing is to offer an economic limitation on medical charges. The government subsidizes the full amount using an individual's medical benefits. The doctor provides the services and bills Medicare directly; you will pay nothing out-of-pocket.

Bulk billing also takes minimal time to process. Usually, when you're bulk billed, the Medicare healthcare card is swiped, and then you fill in a form. You are not expected to make any upfront payments since your doctor will recover 85 to 100% of your program fee from the Medicare directly as compensation for the services offered.

If you already have a Medicare card, always visit a bulk billing medical centre to enjoy these benefits.

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